Vocal reel

A great vocal reel is essential to getting the work you want. In this fast-paced and ever-changing industry, SingerExpress.com knows what producers want to hear. Our experienced team will evaluate your existing reel and work with you to create a great showcase of your voice. (This is a fee-based service*)

Here are some ways that we can help to create or improve your existing reel:

  • We can take your existing material and edit it to best showcase your voice
  • We can assist you in all aspects of recording new material if that's what we mutually agree is necessary.
  • We can arrange for you to go into the studio with an accomplished producer and engineer to achieve a high quality product
  • We can assist in attempting to get copies of previous work
  • We can work with you to determine the best order of your different sound samples
  • We can make sure that all the tracks are EQ'ed correctly
  • We can work on the aesthetics of your reel, including order, sound, style, and packaging.

For prices and more information, click here to contact us by email.

*Rates depend on the amount of services you require, however, the minimum price for this service is $500.00.

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