Client Testimonials From Singers and ProducersWhat others are saying

"Andree and the SingerExpress team is the first place I contact when I need great singers. They always comes through brilliantly. Most recent were a big package of national TV spots and a complex international project requiring lyric translation and foreign-language vocalists. Honestly, I doubt I could have done either job without her and the SE team."

– Paul Libman
Composer/Producer, Libman Music
SingerExpress producer member

"I can't thank you enough for the incredible attention you gave this project. We couldn't be happier."

– Ave Carrillo
Producer at Psyop

"Andree and the Singer Express team know the players and how to use them. They go above and beyond in their search to help find the right voice for the job."

– Jill Cheris
Producer at Bar1
SingerExpress producer member

"It was great working with the folks at They were straight ahead and professional, and I ended up auditioning for and then doing finals of a couple of TV and Radio spots - all as a result of a casting notice sent to me by SingerExpress. All my vocals were recorded in my own studio in Los Angeles and sent to the studio in NYC where the producer was working. The process of doing that was very smooth. Really a pleasure- I applaud, and I recommend, SingerExpress."

– Roger Freeland
SingerExpress singer member

"The [SingerExpress Singers] were a great pleasure to work with! Very professional, on point, great personalities, and great result. ABC is in the process of choosing a final version ... Many thanks again for a super vocal experience. I can't tell you how great it is to have a single source for vocalists we can dependably trust."

– Matthew Kajcienski
CCO, DreamArtists Studios

"OK, this is going to sound like some made up infomercial or something, but it's all real and true. I live to tell the story. We had a recording project that was going down the tubes. We thought we had a great local singer until we spent a whole painful day in the studio where nothing worked. We had to come to the realization that even with all of the experience on our team, we had just selected the wrong singer. And now we had painted ourselves in a corner where we needed to find AND record a singer fast! I can't express enough how SingerExpress saved our collective asses. (Can I say that in this testimony?) Let's face it, there are a lot of fantastic singers out there, but the challenge is always finding someone who has just the right style for a specific project, for a specific sound. Not so easy. The SingerExpress casting team assisted us in finding the right singer, and we were able to record them using our recording studio in Atlanta with the singer in LA. This whole project went from my thinking it was going to be a career-ending event, to one that has turned out to be one of my favorite musical accomplishments...and a fantastic success. How's that for going from one end of the spectrum to the other? And we would not have been successful without SingerExpress. Plain and simple...they literally saved the day. Thankfully, my career goes on."

– Bob Callner
Executive Producer, Turner Studios
SingerExpress producer member

"My first experience with SingerExpress has been a big success, to say the least. I opened their email regarding a casting call for singers for an upcoming PSA that was being produced in NY. I submitted an audition... Lo and behold, I received a call back to do a full sing demo in my LA studio; and soon after that, I was selected for the final that I just sang on January 9th, 2014.

I am so glad I opened the email, and would highly recommend SingerExpress to all my talented friends."

– John Batdorf
SingerExpress singer member

"In my opinion, Singer Express is the #1 resource for finding the best vocalists.”I’ve hired a number of their members, and each time the session goes perfectly. SingerExpress carefully screens their singers, and the staff works tirelessly with me to match the right voice with each new project I have. An example: SingerExpress' remote-casting division helped me find a 4 man Doo-wop group recently for my birthday party. The group was so great that it encouraged my party guests to all get up and dance, and made the event a blast!

SingerExpress does more than just list performers - they also get people gigs via their remote-casting division! Even though I'm a "buyer" - one who hires singers - I also sing, and often have thought of "moonlighting" to audition for a film soundtrack or TV theme myself when I've seen an announcement from SingerExpress! I am delighted by the high-quality remote casting opportunities that they advertise to their subscribed clientele: Film, TV, Commercials, A-List records

Quite simply put: SingerExpress is the best at what they do!"

– Larry Dvoskin
Four-time Grammy-nominated Songwriter/Producer, with music sales of over 40 million in downloads, records, & singles; and Adjunct Professor of Songwriting, New York University
SingerExpress producer member

"I would just like to thank everybody on the SingerExpress staff... SINGEREXPRESS is a very convenient site. I have been building quality business relationships through SE and continue to grow as this site will grow. I would like to personally thank Barbara for all her support. It feels like I have a personal business manager... thanks again be blessed,"

SingerExpress singer member

"I just wanted to thank you for my SingerExpress membership and for getting me into Avatar for the recent audition.

I also wanted to let you know that recently a music producer contacted me, saying he found me through SingerExpress, and sent me a remote singing job for a web video. Within the hour I was done, he was happy, and payment was deposited to my paypal account. A great, easy gig! I'm looking forward to more of that kind of work. So far so good!"

– Cheryl B. Engelhardt
SingerExpress singer member

"SingerExpress is an easy to navigate site and a "must have" resource for producers to find singers. The quality and versatility of talent is extraordinary! I am equally impressed with the personalized customer service. On the occassions when I need to meet an impossible deadline or cast an unusual talent, Andree and the SE Team, with their expertise and knowledge offers the personal attention to facilitate the process."

– Caroline Figiel
Creative Digital Productions

"Congratulations Andree, I am honored to be a part of SingerExpress with you."

– Kevin Osborne
SingerExpress Premium singer member

"Congratulations on the success of your company... Great idea ... SingerExpress is a great resource and great avenue for talent ... If Goodby is calling you, you are doing something right! :)"

– Chris Bell
Creative Director

"Andree Kaminsky has developed a brilliant internet tool,, that connects singers with those who need singers, and introduces producers/songwriters/casting directors to a national database of singers. This is the perfect marketing tool - without having to market! SingerExpress “pounds the pavement” for you! For those of you who need singers, this is one-stop shopping from the comfort of your computer to find the perfect singer for your project. SingerExpress is unbelievably inexpensive, efficiently organized, and easy to use. It makes matching the perfect job with the perfect singer an elegantly streamlined process."

– Sally Morgan
Expert Vocal Trainer/SingLikeYouSpeak

"I just used SingerExpress' services for the first time, and it worked out great. I hired three singers who were amazing and real professionals. The job required some rewrites and the singers had to really "own it" - they did, and they were great! Between the vocal talent and the SingerExpress support team, my project was successful. SingerExpress really made my job easier - Thanks!"

– Gregg Singer
Sound Lounge
Executive Producer

"Firstly, let me say that the site is very impressive. I wasn't aware of SingerExpress and I am glad that I am now - my producers will find this useful. I am impressed by the size and scope of SingerExpress and by the amount of singers on the database. I am passing your information on to all of my producers and composers as I think this will be quite useful for them. Thanks for the site tour! We enjoyed meeting you and learning more about your great innovation, SingerExpress!"

– Jeff Koz
Owner of HUM Music

" and their support team is an amazing resource for me whenever I need a singer for a project. The site is easy to use, and I can quickly locate the specific talent that fits my project. As a commercial agent, my day moves fast, and the faster I can provide talent to my casting directors the bigger edge I have. SingerExpress allows me to be competitive by providing top-notch talent at a moment's notice!! "

– Phil Cassese
Commericial Agent

"SingerExpress is the answer to what this industry has long needed: a comprehensive, searchable database of both up-and-coming & professional vocalists. I’m a New York based producer, and being able to access talent across the entire country is like being a kid in a candy store. But the real story here is Andree’s incredible instincts knowing what to do and how to make it work. When I need a special sound, character or performance, SingerExpress always enables me to find someone who takes the music to another level."

– Peter Greco
Music Producer

"First of all I'm a huge fan of Singer Express! I've been a session/jingle singer for a while now but there has always been a lapse in the system in terms of connecting producers with the right singers and a way for us singers to be heard by them. Andree and her team bring validity, professionalism, and experience to the industry and are excellent at connecting the dots between producers/projects and the correct singers for their needs. Working with them and being part of the national singers database at has opened up a lot of exciting doors for me and opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise had. I am truly grateful and excited to be part of the site. It always feels great to be a part of something you can really believe in and I believe in Andree and"

– Karen Lloyd
SingerExpress Premium singer member

"The choice of a voice to sing the song that represents a brand is a critical one whether the brand is a TV commercial, a movie sound track or any other piece of music with vocals. Andree knows how to find that special sounding voice that can bring an a message to life musically. Without her huge database of singers any producer is missing out on hearing every up and coming singer as well as seasoned professionals. There is no single music style or trend today; it seems as if every music style is hot. SingerExpress can find you a voice no matter what kind of music you are producing. Best of all, I don’t have to go out to clubs till 2:00 a.m. to hear new singers, I let Andree and the SingerExpress team do it."

– Hunter Murtaugh
Music Producer

"Andree Kaminsky has been so personable and helpful since I first discovered her company I needed help putting my vocal samples together. I sent her my MP3's and within a couple of days Andree and her team went through all my material, chose 6 of my best songs and from those they did a really remarkable job of editing. By choosing shorter samples of 6 different songs they were better able to showcase the versatility of my singing. I have full confidence that producers visiting my page will hear the best of what I have to offer quickly and easily."

– Mimi Bessette singer member

" is a wonderful service. It's fast, comprehensive and an invaluable tool. I love pushing my staff out of their comfort zone of known singers into new and varied talent, and this service is the way to do that. As a plus, Andree and her staff are totally pro and are committed to my total satisfaction. Thank you!"

– Fritz Doddy
Creative Director, Elias Arts

"This is a great investment and it works! Yes, I’ve gotten work through and I know I will get more and more exposure with all of the great additions and services Andree and her staff offer to producers and singers alike. Way to go Andree, somebody finally got it right!"

– Deb Thomas

"From my many years of working with thousands of musicians and singers in live television and the studio, I have long seen a need for singers and producers to have a faster, more comprehensive way to find each other. SingerExpress is the answer to that."

– L. Leon Pendarvis
Music Director/Conductor
SNL Band

"Andree and SingerExpress serve the real needs of today's producer with unique talent, quick turnarounds, and attention to detail. I like that, in addition to quickly and easily hearing singers, I can also call someone who can make helpful suggestions/recommendations instead of searching endless links while trying to find something that may be obscured by mp3 or myspace demos. I contacted Andree and the SingerExpress team searching for background singers for a record project. I hired two amazing singers and we were all thrilled with the results! SingerExpress will be where I go first next time I need singers for any type of project."

– David Baron
Record producer

"SingerExpress used the power of the internet to put me in touch with the best session singers in all the greatest talent markets throughout the country. This is the perfect solution, especially for any producer based outside of L.A., New York, Nashville, etc. Easy, fast, and a perfect A+ for quality and professionalism."

– John Nixon
Coda Music / Ron Rose Music
Southfield, MI

"SingerExpress is a combination of quality work and quality talent with the best match maker in the biz. It's an essential resource for any singer or producer who's looking for the real deal. Since joining SingerExpress, I've learned of more great singing opportunities that I wouldn't have found out about otherwise. Singer Express rocks!"

– Clara Lofaro

"SingerExpress worked great! I needed a singer fast and wanted to try someone new. I searched, listened and three hours later I was tracking his vocal in my studio. Easy and Effective."

– Marshall Grantham
Russo/Grantham Productions

"SingerExpress really worked for me when I had a tight deadline. Logging in was easy and within few minutes I had a group of singers who fit the criteria of the track I needed vocals on. I auditioned them online, found the voice I needed, and had my singer booked and recorded the next morning. Singer Express is also great because you don't have to email and download a bunch of mp3s or find a bunch of CDs to find the right singer. These great singers are all right there on one site!"

– Jim & Elizabeth Morgan
Music and Sound Design

"What can I say......"it works" ! Andree Kaminsky at Singer Express has an incredible operation, allowing producers of all kinds, easy access to high end singing talent, at the click of a button. I produce over 100 jingles per year.......and it's hard to find "great".... fresh talent all the time. I was able to preview many singers, hear their demos, and read their bios on the SingerExpress .com site, allowing me to make a confident decision on the right talent / singer for the job. I'll be using the talents from SingerExpress on a regular basis ! Thanks SingerExpress for finally providing producers with a wealth of singing talent.......all in one location."

– Ron Edwards
Commercial music producer/singer/audio engineer
Phoenix, AZ

"You are a wonderful resouce for everyone involved with you - keep it up!."

– Doug Katsaros

”It’s a GREAT idea – congrats at being on the forefront!"

– Peter Lurye

"This is the wave of the future!"

– Bobby Alessi

"The Singer Express website is magnificent and SO user-friendly! Everything on the site is so well thought out and easy to do from entering bio, photo, vocal styles, etc. to uploading music reels - the Singer Express staff's obvious attention to detail is incredible. No surprise that the founder/creator of Singer Express, Andree Kaminsky is equally magnificent! I have just met Andree - and only through email so far - in the past few weeks by virtue of signing up for Singer Express and she is without question one of the most gracious, responsive, and clearly "on top of things" people I have ever come across in 20 years of working with countless agents, concert presenters, club-date clients, producers and fellow musicians. It is a true pleasure to interact with both Andree and the Singer Express website."

– Wendy Sayvetz

"Andree and her staff have been extremely helpful to me in preparing my clips for the site. They show a level of involvement and commitment to their clients that should help make this site a huge success."

– Rich Mendoza
Vocalist, Writer/Producer

"I think this website is really amazing. It was very easy to enter the info and upload my reel. A lot of thought obviously went into the website design, and you tailored it so well to the needs of the singers. Great job. Thanks for your ingenuity!"

– Elise Morris

"Working with Fretless Productions/Management has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. Andree Kaminsky is extremely hard working, honest, and professional on every level."

– Joe Lynn Turner
Recording artist

"From my experience with Fretless, I consider Andree to be the very best in the business. She's focused, personable and kind. Andree is an astute business woman that looks out for her people. She is fair and turns over every stone in order to help in whatever way she can. I've been with Andree for over ten years and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! I'm happy that Andree is my manager and my friend. In the past, I've heard about other singer's websites, but, I decided not to go with them for one reason or another ... I was right, and now that Fretless has given birth to, I won't look any further! To all of my singing buddies I say, SingerExpress - this is the place to be!!!"

– Paulette McWilliams

"When I met Andree, I said to her, "I don't need a baby sitter, I need a partner", and that's what she's been from the beginning. When you've been an independent artist, the prospect of having someone speak for you can be a little scary. I quickly found out that Andree was liked and more importantly, respected in wide circles in this industry. Andree has helped me navigate all kinds of business deals for industrials, jingles, on and off camera work, and sessions. The bottom line is this: Deals get done, phone calls get returned promptly and efficiently, I work more, and I earn more as a result. I've had three national commercials running this year, several great sessions and more industrials than I can remember. Having Andree at the helm frees my time and allows me to focus on being an artist and on maximizing my creativity. I know Andree is always looking out for my interests. I recommend Andree and Fretless to any singer who's got their act together and is serious about their career."

– Freedom Bremner
Recording artist

"I have worked with Andree over the past 15 years. Her commitment to artists who are working in an industry that is always changing is incredible. Andree's guidance and personal friendship has helped me maintain my career and to do the many things in music I love doing. Andree and the Fretless team are amazing!"

– Marlon Saunders
Recording artist/producer/educator

"What do I love about Andree? It's not just her complete knowledge and understanding of this business, but her thorough dedication to her artists. Whether business is booming or blase, I know she's on my side."

– Mary Lee Kortes

"It's dark times like these that help the bright stars shine. You being one of them, Andree."

– Terry Rooney

"I have worked with Andree, Fretless and the SingerExpress team for many years. They are knowledgeable and a joy to work with. In a word... They ‘get it!”

– Dean Vali
Bounce Music & Entertainment

"Andree has an impeccable sense of our business. In any situation, she understands exactly what I need and delivers everytime. In the 15 years that I have worked with her, I know that I can count on Andree to attend to all the details to always send the best my way."

– Peter Fish

"Andree has been an essential resource for me, and one of the most helpful and effective people in the business."

– Eric Kaye
The Lodge

"Well, I hired Andree straight out of Hampshire College. I introduced her to a world of very creative artists. It was the days when we were working with Paul Reubens, producing Pee Wee's Playhouse. She was a natural handling artists. The defining moment was watching James Brown with her at the Power Station in New York. He wasn't happy about having to spend an entire day with us filming. Andree entertained him for a full day. He didn't want anyone else to talk to him. He didn't complain once after meeting Andree. He was completely charmed. James was putty in Andree's hands.

Andree has been handling special musical talent for over 20 years. She's the best. She worked in music production with me in the 80s. So she knows the recording side of the business well and she knows film production well. She knows what production companies/composers are looking for. She speaks the language. I think she even invented a few words along the way.

She sees the big picture. Her new brainchild is the singer database which will be to the music industry what has become to dating. (I have four employees who met their spouses on This is a big idea and very easy to understand and very easy for producers to use. I can see that this will have an immediate international impact, making it easy for producers around the world to see what American talent is available to them."

David Starr
Television Producer
Curious Pictures

"We've been working with Andree in our talent searches almost since the beginning of Bang. She's ALWAYS come up with great voices--and choices...from the newest rockers on the scene, to classic blues and jazz cats from the vinyl era. For us, the search ain't over till we've called Andree."

– Lyle Greenfield
Creative Director
Bang Music & BANG/MOD

"I have had a lot of success finding great singers through Andree at Fretless. It's so easy. I just let her know what style of vocalist I'm looking for and she always nails it! She's constantly making me look good."

– Dane Gorman
Executive Producer
bartradio, inc

"I love working with Andree. Her web of talent is so deep and I totally trust her professionalism and integrity. She always tries to put me in touch with people who have truly unique and distinctive qualities."

– Paul Seymour
Big Foote

"I am a singer, artist living in NYC and I have worked with Andree and Fretless Productions for about 5 years. She is the consummate professional, moving through negotiations and relationships with balance, communication, grace and ease. I am proud to count Andree as a friend and business associate."

– Renee Cologne
Singer, writer, producer

"Fretless is one of the best in the business. They've helped us through many successful projects."

– Ian Jeffreys
Music Producer

"I have been working with Fretless since its inception. I have found the company to be responsive any time, day or night, and extremely efficient in terms of follow-up. The company is reliable, professional, and cordial, just like the woman who owns it."

– Sallie Moore
Executive Producer/Head of Production
The Lodge

"Andree and everyone at Fretless provides me with a level of service that makes my scheduling and booking of talent easy. The artists she represents are exceptional for their talent and professionalism. The support is always there whether it be for a recording session or a live performance. I know I can turn to Fretless!"

– Peter Bliss
Peter's Planet Corp.

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