Music Producers Singers Source enables you to search for, listen to, and contact the perfect singer for any job. Easily tap into our national singers registry and explore our vast pool of talent, right from your desktop, laptop, or PDA. makes searching for and booking the right voice as easy as 1-2-3.

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By directly linking industry professionals such as yourself with hundreds of session singers, we meet the music industry's demand for speed and precision while still providing 'hands on' support and personal attention for whatever the job demands.

As a Producer member of, you'll be able to take advantage of these invaluable features:

  • Fast and easy web-based access to our national database of singers and voiceover talent
  • Search for singers by style, gender, language, and location and just about any other criteria you can think of
  • Listen to samples of your choices instantly – no wasted time sorting through hundreds of reels
  • Make your choices from either pre-screened or unscreened singers and get staff recommendations upon request
  • Gain instant and direct contact with the singers you choose
  • Save your search results for future reference
  • Compile private project-oriented talent lists and notes
  • Have access to staff-assisted services, including options for vocal casting and auditions and for consulting with us when you or your client feel indecisive about your choices (some of these are fee-based, see our Price Schedule for details).

In today's ever-changing and fast-paced industry, provides producers and writers with a near-instant solution to find that 'perfect' singer – all with a few clicks of the mouse!

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