Services for Music ProducersWhat does SE offer for producers?n is the national source for outstanding vocal talent.

As a producer, you'll love these benefits:

  • Fast and easy searches for singers by style, gender, language, location, union membership, and more! You can combine search terms to pinpoint exactly who you're looking for in a matter of seconds.

  • Listen to samples of your choices instantly – no wasted time sorting through hundreds of reels

  • Make your choices from either pre-screened or unscreened singers and get staff recommendations upon request. Gain instant and direct contact with the singers you choose.

  • A private favorites list which also allows you to store names and notes on the singers you're interested in.

  • Have access to staff-assisted services such as vocal casting and consulting with our staff to help you with your choices. (Some of these services are fee-based)

Please note: Use of this site requires a high-speed internet connection and is not recommended for dialup users.

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