Creating your vocal reel

A great vocal reel is essential to getting the work you want. In this fast-paced and ever-changing industry, knows what producers want to hear. We are excited to provide this service. For an additional charge, we will evaluate your existing reel and make the necessary changes, take you into the studio, and even help you create a new reel from scratch. Our experienced team will find the best way to showcase you and your voice. We'll even set you up with an accomplished producer and engineer to achieve a high quality product!

Here are some ways that we can help to improve your reel:

  • We can take your existing material and edit it to best showcase your voice
  • We can make sure that all the tracks are EQ'ed correctly
  • We can assist you in all aspects of recording new material if that's what we mutually agree is necessary
  • We can assist in attempting to get copies of previous work
  • We can work with you to determine the best order of your different sound samples
  • We can work on the aesthetics of your reel, including order, sound style, and packaging

(This is a fee-based service)

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